About us

OFS creates activewear designed to showcase your sport through artwork.

We focus on re-imagining what athletes expect from sportswear by designing apparel that captures the nuances of the sport whilst pushing the boundaries of what is expected from technical clothing.

By creating designs close to the heart of athletes we enable them to show their commitment to the sporting community whilst representing their sport.

In a world where garment technology and function has evolved so rapidly, we believe that there should not be a trade-off between form and function and that technical apparel should have no limits in its visual appeal.

With this focus on artwork, we also offer the option for fully custom design to for organisations and teams to create something completely unique whilst competing at any level.



Operating in compliance with high standards of quality, we use the best fabrics that are available to us, sourced from the UK and Italy. ​

The fabrics are predominently Polyester and Polyamide based with additions of Lycra and Elastane. This is due to their technical performance properties as well as the option to 100% customise them.


We use Performance Sportswear Designers to create garment prototypes based on modern athletic sizing requirements, we then distribute these to a selection of top athletes for feedback before offering the products to the community.

We welcome any and all feedback to constantly improve our garments!


With a UK based labour force, we use the most up to date and high quality sewing methods wherever we can to make sure that there are no internal seams to rub or irritate the skin.

We constantly invest in new machinery to make sure that we have the best sewing techniques for the job.


We use a printing technique known as sublimation to make sure that we create beautiful and unique clothing without any limits. ​ Sublimation is the at the cutting edge of textile printing. It offers 100% coverage at the highest quality, it doesn't crack or fade like vinyl print and doesn't irritate like embroidery. ​

The print method is very similar to the way a piece of paper is printed, straight out of the machine onto the fabric before each section is cut out and sewn together. ​

The only limit is your imagination.