Custom Kayaking Kit


Rashvest £30-35

Using high-performance fabrics and robust garment construction methods are changing what you can expect from a Rashvest. The fabrics used are breathable and durable in all situations and are designed to work alongside your body to create the optimal environment for you to perform at your best.

The sizing has been constructed by a team of performance sportswear designers to the modern athletic body and modern sewing techniques mean no internal seams to avoid any rubbing. All garments have a degree of stretch to them which keeps the garment fitting snugly to the body whilst allowing a % tolerance around sizing to accommodate any variations around individual sizing.

This garment is ideal as a first layer in summer but can be worn under cags etc, or over a wetsuit.

​Most importantly, the rashvest is 100% customisable and if you get in touch we can discuss the sort of design we can create for you.

Available in Mens and Women's Sizes.

Short sleeve: £30

Long SLeeve £35

Minimum order of 10. If less please enquire anyway :)

Please enquire to set up a team shop for anytime purchase.