Make a donation towards a Scrub top for a front line worker.

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Make a donation towards a  Scrub top for a frontline worker. 

We are a sportswear company that has the equipment and skill to make protective clothing for our frontline staff, but right now the one thing we are missing is funds. Business has rapidly decreased as the boathouses of the world have closed their doors, but we want to help and our skills can be of use!

We have so far been making Scrubs and have bought the first few hundred metres of material ourselves, however we can’t do this indefinitely. We want to make more and we simply don’t have the money for it.

Please donate £12 and we will make sure that your Scrub gets to a frontline worker who needs it.

*These are being made at cost. Fabric = £4 (on average due to changes in fabric types available) £8 to OFS to keep the lights on.